If you have any Action Comics Superman comic in your possession, you're pretty much guaranteed to make bank, as long as the condition is decent. Original artwork is a different ball game because artists usually draw each page once, and those pages are often destroyed or lost to the times. The oldest surviving cover art from a Superman comic is Action Comics #15, dated August 1939. The Fred Guardineer-drawn cover sold at auction recently for $286,800, exceeding early estimates.

As a rare piece, we would have expected more zeros on the end of that price. Maybe not as many as the Action Comics #1 that pulled in $2.16 million a few years ago, but we would have guessed it would land somewhere in the middle. But six-figures is not exactly chump change so bravo to the new owner. Hopefully he takes better care of it than the guy whose aunt-in-law ripped his Action #1.

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[via ComicsAlliance]