Oakland-based artist Jet Martinez recently opened a solo exhibition at White Walls in San Francisco. The show plays off the slogan of his hometown Cuernavaca, a Mexican city which prides itself in being a land of eternal spring time. As the name of the show might suggest, "City of Eternal Springtime" celebrates the beauty of mother nature, offering a scene of life and happiness, "not to shut out the ugly things in the world, but rather to remind [others] of the good things worth grinding for.” From now until March 8, the gallery will be blooming with big, brightly colored blossoms, which Martinez has rendered on 17 enamel and spray paint pieces.

For this exhibition, Martinez drew inspiration from the the embroidery, textile, and pottery patterns of Central and Southern Mexico, which he has explored in his Mexico Folk Art-based paintings and murals before. He also devoted much of his attention to the texture and intricate details of each piece as well as the image as a whole. “Just as folk artists repeat traditional themes and patterns in their practice, they still give focus to the individual piece,” Martinez explained.

"City of Eternal Springtime" opened on Feb. 8 and will be on view until March 8 at White Walls. 

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