Shouts to J.Crew for hopping on the fishtail game even they are a bit (read: a lot) late. But now, middle America lames will be exposed to the wonder and beauty that are these classic jackets, and that's always a good thing assuming we're speaking from a place of love for our fellow man. It's like when your little cousin discovers MF Doom for the first time and you feel like you somehow played a part in their newfound coolness. That said, how many dickbags do you think though are gonna walk into their local mall J.Crew and ask, "Excuse me ma'am, but why is the back of this jacket all pointy and shit?" Regardless, this lightweight outerwear piece is a pretty solid pickup for anyone no matter where they live and how much they know about clothes. Best of all, at $248 (15% off if you use someone's college ID), it's what we in the biz like to call "basically free."