A.P.C. just announced that it’s incorporating some stretch fabric into its famed denim. Founder Jean Touitou spent years perfecting the blend as to not ruin the look and feel of raw denim, but looking to add a better level of comfort. For any raw denim fans, you know that trying on your first pair feels like putting on something made out of cardboard. It’s usually stiff until the wearer washes or lives in the denim for half a year. “I felt the time was right to be more comfortable,” said Touitou.

Before you go all denim snob on the brand, just relax because the jeans aren’t necessarily what you would call “jeggings”.  Only 2 percent of stretchy Lycra fabric is used, and it’s all in the name of comfort. Who wouldn’t want that? Besides, these days it’s nearly impossible to find denim without stretch fabric, fashion companies have been incorporating it since the ‘90s.

[via WWD]