In an attempt to get to know the artist behind the graffiti, Aimé Armée spent a little time with Seb Gorey and discovered that his talents extend beyond spraypaint and walls. In this profile piece entitled "Seb Gorey: An Artist Unmasked", we the audience are introduced to Gorey's personal life, from a trip to his favorite Brooklyn bakery, to his time at home with his wife and daughter. We also get a glimpse into his sketchbook, a look at his watercolors, and a mini-tour of his kitchen.

 It is rare that artists like Gorey are considered on a deeper level than the art they produce, so this is definitely worth the read. In referring to the artist's daily life and how it affects his work, the article reads: "Gorey spoke of friends in France, Miami and New York, who not only contributed to his pursuit of creating art, but who shared in moments that would never be forgotten. This was the connection. It was about human connection and the creation of artwork that could speak to a multitude of people from different places, backgrounds and cultures." 

To read the full profile, click through to the Aimé Armée site here, then watch the accompanying video below:

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[via AiméArmée]