We just got blessed with the new Garbstore lookbook, so take a gander. There's some super dope printed indigo pants that I would very much enjoy wearing because they will look impeccable with white sneakers and a white oxford, assuming you haven't burned all of those yet. Here's the thing, just because we say shit is wack at one point doesn't mean you should bail on it and try to flip it on eBay. Just last Friday, some friends and I were chatting about how many shoes and blazers we have that we know we'll never wear. One dude has 25 jackets, only 3 of which he admitted to actually wearing in the past 6 months. See, you should always be adding to your clothing collection and never get rid of anything. Ever. Hold on to your gear as tight as you can whether or not you can afford to and/or have the space. Build a spectacular mountain of jawnz towards the heavens and one day you may be able to reach the gawds.