When Virgil Abloh announced that he was ending the Pyrex Vision label, countless fans groaned in disappointment. But just a few months later, Abloh had unveiled plans for his new, full cut and sew label called Off-White. Today, in an interview with The Cut, he explains that Pyrex was more of an art project, and he never envisioned it as a full fashion label. Instead, Off-White gives him the chance to build a bridge between high-fashion and streetwear. 

So how does he plan on doing that? "Street can be quick and it can be cheap, and not layered with ideas. My goal is do it at a high, loaded, intellectual level. I think there’s an elevated way to do it," he explained. And while street is having its moment in the current cultural canon, Abloh is "taking a personal responsibility to ensure that a high level is brought to it, in a different way." That way, as high-fashion labels and consumers pay attention to the streetwear that Abloh and his peers have grown up with, those who are taking references and cues from street will get it right. 

Abloh also announced that he'd be showing the debut of Off-White's womenswear in February. As for whether or not the gap between the once-separated worlds of luxury goods and streetwear will be filled, don't put it past the former architect to build one dope bridge.

[via The Cut]