Believe it or not, it's been nearly 10 years since Mean Girls first hit theaters in April 2004. Since then, the cult film has become one of the most quotable movies of all time, even inspiring a jewelry line by L.A.-based design duo Stella and Bow. To celebrate Mean Girls' 10th anniversary, Stella and Bow has released a "Burn Book Capsule Collection." The line consists of bracelets and necklaces engraved with catty lines from Tina Fey's now famous script.

"We found ourselves always quoting the movie with our friends and making jokes with our favorite quotes," the designers told Fast Co.Design. "Translating things that we love into jewelry is what we do best so we thought, why not do it with this collection?"

One of the gold bands, for instance, reads "That's so fetch," a phrase Gretchen Wieners desperately tried to popularize. Some other must-haves from the collection include a heart-shaped pendant called "Ms. N," which wearers can split and share with their "best bitches." Click through to see selected pieces from the collection. 

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[via psfk]