Despite the likely returns of Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant, the NBA has already ruined next season. Remember those ridiculous sleeved jerseys that players wore on Christmas day? Well every "heritage" jersey will be in "shersey" form next year.

According to Comcast Sportsnet, the league will attach sleeves onto each team's "heritage" jersey, despite the, uh, mixed reviews. A total of 20 teams will wear the style that Dirk Nowitzkicalled "awful."

Not every team is on board with the idea, claims a league source who revealed the future plans (as if David Stern gives a fuck). But the majority of the teams in the league are okay to add the sleeved-jerseys into their rotation—as long as they don't have to wear them every night. Fans hoping that this grand idea may alter course leading up to next season will be disappointed—the source confirmed that any changes to this plan are "highly unlikely."

The NBA's official outfitter, Adidas has yet to comment on the forthcoming alterations.

[via ComcastSportsnet]