You might think that Rick Ross' new $8.2 million mansion in Atlanta was the height of baller living. Think again.

At an astronomical $125 million, you can become the proud owner of the most expensive home in New York City—the penthouse apartment on the top of Pierre Hotel. This listing beats out One57 Penthouse, which held the previous record at $110 million.

Spanning three full floors and offering 360-degree views of Manhattan, this home is only for those who can afford living a life of luxury. The interior is decorated like the Palace of Versailles—because, of course it is. The home includes four terraces, five master bedrooms, six full baths and three half baths, five fireplaces, and additional guest and staff quarters. Also, the living room is considered "one of the most magnificent privately owned rooms in the world" (whatever that means). 

This opulent space used to be owned by Martin Zweig, the stock market analyst who predicted the 1987 market crash three days before it occurred, who purchased the residence in 1999 for $21.5 million.

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[via HUH]