Black outs, ice storms, frost quakes, polar vortexes, and birds falling from the sky. Premature clues that the end of the world is slowly creeping up. But before you start freaking out about doomsday, peep this garment from Marie-Elsa Batteux Flahault—a graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven who created a mean looking camouflage jacket that will literally help you survive the apocalypse. 

The neck section and base of the "On The Edge" jacket inflates to create flotation devices, which is perfect if your grown ass can't swim. There's even a blade in the sleeve, and in case you face any more polar vortexes, gold-colored foil unravels from the bottom hem to cover your legs for warmth. There's also enough room in the pockets for you to store a good amount of food and water. This jacket is no joke. The best part is, it actually looks good and can be worn on a normal day...until the zombies rise up.

The jacket was shown during Dutch Design Week 2013, where other survival garments were presented, and isn't on sale just yet. Hopefully this changes because if Mother Nature keeps at it, we may just need it.

[via Dezeen Magazine]