Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino recently released their video for "The Worst Guys," a track off of Donald's latest album, "Because the Internet." In it, the two travel to the beach with hordes of tan women, smoke blunts while posted on their surf boards and eat chicken on a lifeguard tower. Compared to the cold, grey winter happening anywhere in the country besides California and Florida, shit looks like paradise. 

But more notably, both rappers are dressed in styles you'll likely see come summer. Printed board shorts, crisp white tees and brightly colored low-top sneakers scream West Coast - a heavy influence for brands like Penguin, which came out with a spring/summer lookbook earlier this month dedicated to the Golden State. 

All pieces listed here, in order: 

1. Society's Giant Land 2 varsity jacket

2. Vans Aloha Leaf Costa Mesa shoe

3. J. Crew 7" board shorts

4. Penguin Fixed Box bandana print swim shorts

5. adidas Greenstars 

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