Two Banksy murals in Park City, Utah were targeted by unknown vandals earlier this week. The murals, one of a praying boy with wings and a halo and another of a man filming a flower, were allegedly painted around the time Exit Through the Giftshop was to be released and had been later covered with protective shields. The shields were broken on both and brown paint was used to deface the praying boy piece.

CCTV footage shows a white male wearing a baseball cap performing the vandalism, but no arrests have been made. Images of the suspect will be released today (January 3) but local police sergeant Jay Randall says that because the art was not sanctioned, the value would have to be determined by a judge.

We're going to go out on a limb and say that there are a lot of white males in baseball caps living in Utah, but hopefully the camera got a good look at the guy's face.

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[via Independent