Audizine, a website for Audi enthusiasts, just dropped the first of its new series, AudiLife, featuring Nicky Diamonds and the Diamond Supply Co. skate team. Of course, it was all about streetwear, skateboards, and sick rides.

The cameras follow Nyjah Houston and Mark Appleyard as they host an autograph session at the Diamond flagship store in Los Angeles. Kids lined up outside the store, eager to meet the Diamond crew, speaking to not only the skaters' influence but also the brand's in the L.A. streetwear scene and beyond. Houston and Appleyard are later joined by Joey Brezinski, Sean Apgar, and Tony Ramirez, and the whole crew head over to Stoner Skate Park in their sick Audis.

Check out the first installment of AudiLife and see why being a pro skater surrouded by buds and dope whips is probably one of the best jobs in life. While you're at it, head to Diamond Supply Co.'s website to re-up.

[via Diamond Supply Co.]