Alex Mattsson is one of the best young emerging designers out there today. If you had any doubts about this statement, you're about to eat your own words. This year he’s starting off by presenting a short film that highlights his fall/winter 2014 collection in collaboration with Red Bull Catwalk Studios.

Yeah, yeah, "Another fuckin' fashion shoot," you're thinking. Well Mattsoon and Red Bull are about to drop-kick you in the gut with this one.

Mattson knew that, like the model who mutters, "Fashion films. So fucking boring," this film needed to be livened up. Well, adding in a pot of mysterious psychoactive substances might help. 

Without giving away too many spoilers, the two-minute clip will have you bugging out on what is definitely and already one of the most interesting lookbooks of the year. Be prepared. All the weirdness is inspired by the season’s trippy prints in a hybrid of experimental-streetwear-meets-the-near-future collection. Watch the clip above and try to remain calm.

[via RedBull]