All-over logo is the new all-over print. Take notice. Pay homage (the NYT already has). Get in while the getting is hot.

Call it high-fashion. Call it street fashion. Call the overt new logoization (a word I just made up) the perfect backlash to #menswear 1.0 and the bullion of basics at Uniqlo.

Logos, ultimately, are important for status marking. As a kid, you wouldn't have been in the wrong for tossing the Stride Right canvas skippies mom gave you when you realized all the cool kids had Chucks. Similarly, your plain crew neck didn't compete with the dude next to you who had a sweet little "C" hot pressed to his sleeve. Brands cycle. And, those markers of good, better, and best vary from era to era. However, in 2013/14, the makers of mid-90s cool are returning and your connoisseurship must be tight.

For instance, you could cop some Todd Snyder x Champion. Don't. Spotted on the street, Snyder's bathhouse version of classic Americana is two grades below the Fordham Road approved boxy cut of Modell's purchased Big C hoodies. While the garms are good, the cultural association fails. Champion is more gold grills than leather jump ropes.

On the 12th, Supreme goes ham with Champion and the key quartet of sweatsuit colors: black, grey, navy, and yellow. The sweats are cut like the shit worn in 1991/2. The all-over logo is straight 2013. Fall in line, this is the FUCKING ZEITGEIST. Nostalgia is only ok when dressed in contemporary brashness and IDGAF attitude. Wearing this will remind anyone who visited Snyder's pop up that they are behind the damn times. And, after all, reminding other people that they are inferior is the only reason you read this site in the first place.