ONLY NY announced on Saturday that its new State Flannel Shirt is now available both online and in-store. 

The shirt, crafted from imported Japanese cotton and handmade in New York City, redefines connotations associated with the plaid print - think of the word "flannel" and what comes to mind? Lumberjack, maybe. Intern, perhaps. 

Regardless of whatever notions are attached to flannel shirts, it's clear that ONLY NY is looking to use top-notch craftsmanship, sumptuous material and a tiny logo tag on the single pocket's corner to up the ante on a classic cut. 

The State Flannel goes for $110 - much to the chagrin of some ONLY customers who complained on the New York brand's Instagram account.

"I mean, I love you guys, but $110? Seriously!" user Adrianbird posted.

Others defended the luxurious take on flannel.

"Get your fuckin' money up or cop a fuckin' flannel from Marshall's," user Realklaer wrote. "Quality costs $$$."

Pick up a State Flannel Shirt here, or check out ONLY NY's Manhattan location on Stanton St. for more. 

[via ONLY NY]