Folk and END teamed up for a lil collaborative effort. The contrast rear stripe and elbow patches on the sweatshirt might be a bit much for some, but we aren’t out here writing for pussies. WE'RE OUT HERE WRITING THESE MISSIVES FOR YOU, THE "STYLISH" GUY IN THE OFFICE. And you need to retain that crown. WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE *Underarmour scary guy voice*! Also, you’re the only guy in the office who never introduced himself, so only, like, 7 out of 15 people you work with even know you’re name. A colorful sweater like this will help everyone out:

"Oh man, this report was supposed to be filed yesterday, what happened?"

"Jim didn’t get his shit done."

"Who the fuck is Jim?"

"The guy that wears weird sweatshirts. Remember that time he wore a fucking fedora?"

"Oh, that guy. I walked by his cube one time and his Tumblr dash was full of Asian girls eating fruit."

"Yup, that’s Jim."