Arriving on Wittmore’s shelves is Brooklyn-based brand Victory Press. The brand offers what it calls “inner-city outdoor wear.” Essentially, it’s putting together top-notch fabrics that can handle the elements combined with vibrant colors inspired by the urban landscape. Just think graffiti, skate, surf, and all the dope styles from the ‘80s and ‘90s all blended together to make something new, but with some throwback vibes. 

Since Wittmore is the only shop in Los Angeles that got first dibs on the brand, it’s welcoming the arrival in a big way. The shop, along with Victory Press, collaborated with artist Cole Sternberg on 4-panel hats, which are limited to a production of only 30. Sternberg’s artwork will be displayed in-store as well.

Everything pops off today at the address below. If you’re nowhere near the store, though, check what the shop installation looks like, and then proceed to cop the collection on the Wittmore website. 

8236 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Between Sweetzer and Lajolla