If you're going to be a leader of the free world; enforcing rules, making big decisions and speaking directly to and for the people, you gotta look the part. If people can't look at you and think "that guy seems like he can make a few decent decisions for me and my peoples," than you certainly won't be given the benefit of the doubt. To a lesser degree, magazine editors are in the same vein.

Just like tech magazine editors should know how to sync their iPhones, men's style magazines should employ guys that know a thing or two about dressing well. The discrepancy between a good style magazine and a mediocre one, if you can believe it or not, could possibly be deciphered by just how recognizable their editors are. Style is subjective, but it's hard not to resonate with what you pick up from a magazine when their editors are killing the game: these are The Most Stylish Editors From Your Favorite Magazines.

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