So the dudes at Public School just took home the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, which means they were honored by both the council and the prestigious magazine as the dopest new brand in America. It also means they took home 300 large which is always nice. But yo, CFDA and Vogue, where's our check for influencing the fuck out you guys? We've been telling you that Public School is the truth for a minute now and you're seriously just going to stand there and hop on our wave all nonchalant like? C'mon guys, you're making us look bad. We're out here struggle blogging hoping for a free anything. The CFDA and Vogue are like those people who were all, "Section.80 was aight. I mean, Kendrick is a good rapper and 'Fuk Dat' song is tight" and then as soon as GKMC dropped they were all, "Oh shit! Kendrick, best rapper of all time! I want him to fuck my girlfriend!" But really though, congrats to Public School on the win, which only stands to help the brand grow into the powerhouse we've been predicting all along.