Los-Angeles based artist Petra Cortright is currently showing at Steve Turner Contemporary in a solo exhibition entitled "✖✗✘ BLank BLANk bLANk." Cortright's exhibition features her digital artworks and videos as well as a few paintings printed onto fabric. The 26-year-old artist uses the Internet as a source and various editing programs with default settings and tools to layer and alter images until they form complex and interesting works. She also creates flash animations using content found on the net, taking what she likes and reformatting and arranging the elements into unique and fluid animations. Cortright's self-portrait webcam videos are how many people came to know her work, some of which are also included in the exhibition. "✖✗✘ BLank BLANk bLANk" ends December 21 so you still have some time to check it out.

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