The state of Mississippi ratified the 13th Amendment (the one outlawing slavery) in February of this year, 148 years after it was adopted by the country as a whole. This fact speaks to the sometimes glacial, almost comical, pace of lawmaking, even at the state-level (to say nothing of the national level). While in this case our stagnant bureaucratic practices may speak to lingering race-related issues in this country, in other instances it has allowed certain outdated laws to remain on the books far past their usefulness, if they were ever useful laws to begin with.

Once student photographer Olivia Locher discovered some of these absurd laws, she immediately began turning them into imagery, which resulted in her brilliant "I Fought the Law" series. "It kind of just hit me that I should turn these laws into photographic imagery,” she told Co.Design. Her images include floating pickles, pie with cheese, and a boy dressed as David Bowie—surreal photos that show just how bizarre our laws can be.

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[via Co.Design]