Norse Projects has dropped its latest winter collection, which is good news for anyone facing a few months of cold and darkness. The Copenhagen-based brand has been coming correct ever since it launched in 2004, and is a leader of the Scandinavian style philosphy that combines incredibly well-made goods, a clean and minimal aesthetic, but enough quirkiness to keep things interesting.

This cozy collection features a range of knit sweaters, wool pants, hats, shirts, and heavy duty socks. The colorways and patterns are subtle and simple, and this is the type of gear that will always keep you cozy and will always sit above trends. When a brand's motto is "A Product of the Cold Cold North" and "Created for Life—Good for All Seasons," you know this shit will get you through the long months ahead without letting your style succumb to the depths of winter.

Visit the Norse Projects online store to pick up your new winter gear today.