Sustainability is the name of the game when it comes to home building these days, but that usually comes at a price. Vancouver-based design company NOMAD has it figured out so that you can have a sustainable home for less than $30,000. The NOMAD Micro Home is a small home that is easily assembled and perfect for people who don't need five bedrooms and ten baths. At 100 square feet, the little two-story home seems small but the layout makes it so the owner has everything that they need. Most studio apartments are weird because the sleeping quarters and living quarters are combined. With the Micro Home, your bedroom is located on the second floor and the kitchen and living space are on the ground floor. NOMAD also offers rainwater collection and solar energy packages to complete your green living experience. There is no shower, but otherwise this looks like a cool place to live.

Check out the video below from their IndieGogo project:

[via Curbed]