Sure, hybrid cars are cool, but hybrid sweatpants/trousers are the new maneuver. These pants from Minotaur are made from a thermal fleece woven into a diamond twill pattern. The cuffs even have drawcord lock adjusts so you can taper them joints to fully compliment the stupid sneakers you just bought. If you’re anything like me, you would totally buy these and wear them to the office every day of the week with New Balances or Wallabees. And your supervisor would be like, “A little heavy on the ‘casual’ side of ‘business casual’, aren’t we?” all passive aggressive and shit and you'd just smile and ignore him, but on the inside you’re like, "EAT A GIANT BAG OF DICKS, RYAN. FEEL FREE TO FOCUS ON MY ‘OFFICE DECORUM’ WHILE I WASTE PRECIOUS COMPANY RESOURCES TO PUBLISH MY 'ZINE ABOUT INDOOR GARDENING, FASHION EDITORIALS AND TRADITIONAL JAPANESE FLOWER ARRANGEMENT." Cop the jacket to match.