Lady Gaga has done performance pieces in the past through collaborations, but she recently got the opportunity to perform a piece on her own in London while Robert Wilson filmed it. The performance lasted 45 minutes and required that Gaga be nude and tightly bound while hanging upside-down from the ceiling. Above is a censored version of the photo that Gaga posted to In the post, she writes that she is finding seance to be her "passion in performance art." She continues by saying, "allowing old souls to pass through me while i suffer for their art, and leave mine and my vanity behind. This is how I can be vehicle for my monsters all over the world."

Gaga has referenced the practice of seance before in conversation about she and Wilson's collaborations. In a radio interview with Scott Mills, Gaga spoke about reenacting paintings with Wilson on Halloween. She explained that, "when those things happen it's like allowing the spirit of the painter and the subject to come to us while we're working." It is unclear what will become of the footage from this performance, but we look forward to viewing it, hopefully in the near future.

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