To get the full impact of this mural, you need 3D glasses. Street artist Leon Reid IV (whose work you can check out in today's Portfolio Review) teamed up with 3D artist Yanusz Gilewicz  to restore the 9/11 memorial mural in Henry M. Jackson Playground on the Lower East Side of New York.

Created in 2002, Celebrating the Heroes of Our City, had been destroyed by years of water damage. Disney, who sponsored the mural when it was originally built by CITYArts, again backed the restoration project. For the updated mural, CITYArts asked volunteers, including kids and firemen, to help with painting. The new additions to the mural include 1 World Trade Center, fire trucks, and the Twin Towers covered in flowers. Visitors can snag a pair of 3D glasses at the Grand Street or Henry Street Settlements to see the mural in 3D.

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