I feel like just because everyone’s heard of Junya now they kind of discount his designs in the pursuit of something new that they literally cannot buy because they found the images of the collection on a random South Korean menswear blog. But you shouldn’t sleep on Junya. He stays steady making gear that is super weird and random, but still quite wearable. Take this all asymmetrical everything jacket. Even the pocket sizes are asymmetrical. And yet, you could totally wear this pretty much everywhere without people giving you too much of a stink eye. Okay, so, wearable for sure, but affordable? That’s a completely different question. I guess this $1,200 jacket could be considered affordable if you just cut back on some of your discretionary spending. But, I mean, does anyone really remember what they spend their disposable income on? At first I thought about hiring an accountant to help me with my taxes and keeping a healthy, workable budget. Then I realized they’d always be questioning my purchases and I’d be like, “I dunno. I spent like 150 bucks last week on booze, orange chicken from Panda Express and I think some coconut water and Newports. You want to see some receipts?”