Nike unveiled the new soccer kits for the French national team recently and they are, in a word, patriotic. The uniforms feature a simple red, white, and blue color scheme from top to bottom that matches the French flag turned at a 90 degree angle clockwise (counterclockwise and they would be confused with the Netherlands or Paraguay and no one wants that). The jerseys feature the same tech that we've all come to expect from new Nike kits (Dri-FIT, etc.) but the materials chosen take inspiration from the story of Nîmes, the small French town where denim was born. The twill uniforms borrow the "45 degree angle of classic denim" to acheive a unique look and feel. The cockerel crest is larger and appears without a badge on the chest and number, and there is a flag on the inside of the collar. Overall, the design tries to connect the players more with the history of the team and country. It is unmistakeable French on purpose.

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[via Nike]