I love luxurious candles. It's really fucking stupid, but I love nothing more than walking into Diptyque or A.P.C. and dropping $40-75 dollars on something completely frivolous that kind-of-sort-of makes a space smell better. What is fucked up is that I refused to use my nice candles when the power went out during Hurricane Sandy last year. This more or less confirms my dickheadish stance on nice candles and how they are basically used for nothing more than maximum flexing purposes. Oh well. Anyway, there's this new candle that just dropped today from Supreme made in collaboration with Japanese purveyors Kumba. They probably decided on a candle because they know most of their clientele are gross ass teenagers who rarely wash their clothes and leave dirty bongs and shit all over the place. Plus, they went ahead and threw the Virgin Mary on this shit, which must be a not so subtle reference to the sexual conquests of their most preferred customers.