We (and most of the city) have been paying close attention to Banksy's activity around New York City this month. There have been numerous attempts to destroy his art, many of which have been successful, but only a few attempts to steal it. StealBanksyNY is a website that posts the location of each piece both on an interactive map and via Google Maps, tracks the damage that each has sustained, and encourages people to "get it before the MoMA gets it." The headline for the site, "BETTER OURS THAN THEIRS" is a play off of the title of Banksy's residency "BETTER OUT THAN IN," and according to Geekosystem, those who run the site are fans of the street artist and were inspired by his work to create their site. 

The website reminds us of the Art Series Hotel in Australia that encouraged it's guests to try and steal the two Banksy pieces that were in their collection last year. Visit StealBanksyNY.com now even if you're not planning a late night heist any time soon.

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[via StealBanksyNY