It sucks having just one winter coat to wear all season, but Norse Projects has collaborated with Italian outerwear specialists Nemen on jackets that give you more bang for your buck. The exclusive collection includes a military-inspired parka and a field jacket, and they both feature down linings that can be removed from each jacket and be worn alone.

The jackets are well made and rugged, but still provide the luxury touch that Nemen is known for. Of course, like the majority of Norse Projects' work, the jackets are understated and stand apart for their simplicity and attention to detail. The field jacket comes in an olive drab, and the lining is a light brown. The heavier parka comes in navy with a bright blue liner on the inside.

It gets pretty cold in Denmark, where Norse is from, but it gets cold in the States, too. If you need something with that will protect you from extreme temps, opt for the parka. But if you work in the city all day running around and don't want to overheat, the field jacket might be a better option. No matter what, these jackets can stand up to the cold of winter, or that rare mild afternoon when it reaches 48 in February. That's the versatility of having a liner that you can remove or keep in.

The jackets are now available on Nemen's website.