If you missed out on the Concepts x New Balance 998's from a few weeks back, sorry. Those are gone forever lest you're a fan of getting butthurt on eBay. If you're particularly thirsty for rare NB's in a general sense, then get ready because a new colorway of the collaborative effort is in the pipeline and set to drop this Saturday, October 5. It's slightly less skrong than the aforementioned joint, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. In fact, some of you might even think these are better than the originals if you're into the whole buying things that look ugly on purpose thing. At this point you're just scooping up all the yellow Supreme T-shirts, dad jeans and Teva's you can get your hands on, although you should know your friends are starting to take notice. Fuck 'em t. You've got Four Pins telling you to buy new shit every day, so who needs friends?