Another year has come and gone and Tommy Ton et al never even attempted to raise their lenses your way. That might change the next time they see you lighting up with a daisy camo Zippo lighter from Mark McNairy. We all know you only smoke when the NYFW circus comes to town to try and get street styled, so why not fake it 'til you make it in as stylish a manner as possible. 

McNasty has put his daisy camo on every piece of clothing imaginable, but together with Zippo, he customized this web exclusive with the pattern that was originally inspired by his daughter, Daisy. As we say over and over again, style isn't just about clothing, but how you live all aspects of your life. If you want to stand out from most dudes who are firing up with struggle Bics and faux-manly matches, head on over to the new-and-improved Mark McNairy site to pick one up.