There was, like, a 6 month period where I thought 5 panel hats looked good on my head. They don't. Maybe I have a tiny forehead or something, but the front part of them always collapses or whatever and just looks fucking dumb. And I'd be there's probably mad people wearing 5 panel hats right now at this very moment who look terrible in them. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF IF YOUR HEAD ISN'T RIGHT FOR THAT SHIT. But if I was still wearing them, I'd definitely fuck with this joint from Borgata that looks like a badass WWII plane. This is the adult version (note how I didn't say grown up or mature version) of that fake fighter pilot helmet you wore as a kid. You would strap that bad boy on, open your box of toys, pull out the mini F-16's and B-52's, crash them all over the goddamn place until you eventually stepped on one, broke it, and then broke down crying.