Jacob Kassey's exhibition "IJK" at 303 Gallery considers the process of art-making and the "finished product." Using pieces of cut material left from old works, Kassey created new irregularly shaped templates for new paintings. The titles of the pieces were selected either from conversations that the artist had or they relate to the remnants, but they don't attempt to contextualize something that isn't there. Instead the titles "foreground their function as surrogates and parallel the discards themselves as language dissociated from its object."

In addition to the paintings, Kassey created glass sculptures influenced by the Beinecke Library at Yale. The wedges of glass inside actual books "act as lenses which simultaneously allow light to pass into their contents, while obfuscating the legibility of the text they contain." To view more of Kassey's exhibition, visit the 303 Gallery page. The show opens November 1 and runs through December 20.