Levi's Vintage Clothing's Boomtown collection is taking it back to the good ol' days, when Motown was re-defining American music and became Detroit's top export. The label is paying tribute to the slick style that ruled the '60s by reissuing some of the most iconic garments that the coolest cats of the era were rocking. These clothes are what defined what was arguably the height of American cool, and LVC dove deep into the archives to make sure they didn't miss a single detail or stitch when recreating the gear that made up the Motown look.

If you're unsure about how dope guys dressed during this time, just peep the highlights of the Boomtown collection. Detroit is currently churning out some of the best music and style icons today, including Danny Brown and Big Sean, but LVC is educating you on the look and sound of the era. Not many people look to this era for current style inspiration, which means copping this gear will definitely set you apart from the pack. 

You can get in on the sounds of Levi Vintage Clothing's Boomtown collection, too. If you purchase any of the pieces that are pictured from Unionmade, you'll receive a boxed set of records that includes the biggest and best of Motown. But here's how you can win the super-rare boxed set, worth about $400, for free:

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