Do you want people to be impressed by your personal living space? Then you need to deck that shit out in weird ephemera. Like vintage posters (REAL VINTAGE NOT REPROS YOU CHEAP FUCK), houseplants, a Shiba Inu, and obviously beaded skulls. LN-CC you crazy for this one. Well, you’ve actually carried these skulls before, but you know what I mean. I love the last line of the description is “Please remember to support the jaw.” WHICH MEANS YOU CAN MAKE YOUR FANCY BEADED HUICHOL SKULL TALK. If that’s not a major selling point, I don’t know what will convince you to buy wax skulls that cost 585 pounds. Also when someone asks you how much you paid for it, even if you’re here in ‘Merica, tell them the price in pounds. When they ask you what that is in real money, just be like “Oh, I don’t bother with conversion rates.” BALLER.