This Jante Law bomber is kind of a cross between a bomber and a varsity jacket, but basically it’s a bomber. I'm glad we got that extremely pertinent classification out of the way. Stats wise, we're talking 100% virgin wool outer with leather buttons and a storm flap. Storm flaps are very essential because you’ve been on that Juice Cleanse for 8 days and you’re susceptible to even the gentlest of breezes right now. Side note: If you are lucky enough to have a significant other, they will want to drape this jacket over their shoulders because girls love wearing boxy jackets over really short skirts. AND WE LOVE WHEN YOU DO IT, BOO. It’s like we have a symbiotic relationship sometimes. Most of the time though we just drink all your bottled water and never make the bed. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT YOU WAKE UP EARLY TO RUN ERRANDS OR WHATEVER HAS TO HAPPEN BEFORE NOON.