First off, notice how I didn't say "10 Things" because I know how butthurt you pussies get when we start dropping numbered lists.

The young fly prophet Elijah Mohammed made the pilgrimage to the Mecca that is NYC for his first Fashion Week and is here to bless you even though you don't deserve it. Try telling people in Iowa you're going to Fashion Week when you're black. They're either jealous, but apprehensive because they think you're hitting up Pelle Pelle S/S 14 or they're LOLing because black people don't fashion. Well, corny motherfuckers, I fashion'd the fuck outta this place. You’re bananas if you didn’t think that was gonna happen, but your boy also learnt a few lessons along the way. It ain't all sunshine and lollipops and gumdrop farts in this bitch, even when you're ridiculously good looking, ridiculously athletic and, overall, just a person peasants should be aspiring to.