Karl Lagerfeld is a mad genius of fashion. He dresses awful, is full of himself, and we can't get enough of what the designer has to say. Remember the time when he said he'd be a robber if he were invisible? Yeah, that kind of crazy. Even wilder, no one even knows how old the designer really is.

If you thought that was a lot to handle, there's now a new book, The World According to Karl, which is comprised of the designer's best quotes and accompanied by illustrations. Besides wanting to be an invisible heist man, Lagerfeld also reveals he "wants to be a chic coat hanger." Weird, but he still manages to top this one with more gems throughout the book.

"If you ask me what I'd like to have invented in fashion, I'd say the white shirt. For me, the shirt is the basis of everything. Everything else comes after," the designer said.

Profound in its own right, but also egotistic and righteous at the same time. The book is available today, and can be purchased here.

[via Fashionista]