Pharrell officially launched his latest sunglasses collaboration with Moncler during a Paris press conference yesterday. Lasting for only about 15 minutes, he didn’t leave without giving a hint on what his next move was. Apparently, Google has been in contact with him asking about a collaboration involving Google Glass. “Maybe there could be a collaboration there — you know, tech,” Pharrell said.

This isn’t such a farfetched idea. Google has been attempting to make its new eyewear cool ever since it was unveiled. The tech company’s shades have been seen on fashion figures from Diane von Furstenburg to Nina Garcia. And it even tapped Warby Parker to make its nerdy glasses more appealing.

Let’s be honest. Google Glass might have all the coolest functions and features one could ask for, but they're not the most stylish looking shades. They looks more like some next level bionic eyewear only astronauts are allowed to use. If there were anyone who could make Google’s eyewear a lot cooler looking it would be Pharrell. He’s already put bionic yarn on the map, so why not these specs.

[via WWD]