Guys, let's be real, how much better is wearing flight gear than actually being a pilot? One of my best friends from home is in flight school now and it seems, like, really hard. He even had to get PRK eye surgery because your eyes need to be perfect to fly a plane. And it had to be PRK, not Lasik, because planes go so fast that they're worried about the incision on your eyeball opening back up. THE INCISION OPENING BACK UP ON YOUR EYE, DAWGS. That's why I don't fuck with planes like that. But seriously, you know how rare it is that someone has 20/20 vision nowadays? Speaking of which, what did people do before some nerd invented eyeglasses? Was it one of those ignorance is bliss type situations? Anyway, buy this coat from Wolsey if you wear corrective eyewear and could never ever be an actual pilot.