Heres basically how Isaora's S/S 14 New York Fashion Week Presentation went down: It was Sunday morning, so right there you can already imagine people probably (definitely) would have rather been brunching or sleeping. The show was supposed to start at 11am and at around 11:26 the shit still hadn't commenced. It was at this point that Schlossman announced he was giving it until 11:35 before heading to Hood By Air, clearly the frontrunner in terms of amazing Fashion Week fuckery spectaculars. Luckily, the FP squad was holding down the section of the venue with the one fan that brought the temperature down from a scalding 432 degrees to a balmy 429 degrees Fahrenheit, so thank God for that. The show finally started at, like, 11:34 and instantly established itself as a portal of feelz—dark room, bright, white lights, technical, drapey wears, long T-shirts and all monochromatic everything. It all contributed to the general feeling that this was FASHION and we were definitely watching it. That much was fact.