Lemme talk to you real quick. Christian Kimber is the shit. I’m not talking about the brand, or the product, I’m referring to the real life OG that is the Melbourne-based designer. Guy is a topnotch bloke, sending me catch-up emails and generally doling out the kind of inspirational advice high expectations Asian father wishes he could.  As we prepare to drop innumerable flex bombs following the release of his upcoming collection, take a minute to check out these exclusive goodies made by Christian’s girlfriend. Dubbed the "Hamsa High Five", these howlite and sterling silver bracelets are the perfect move when it comes to respectful ethnic jewellery. If anybody gets up in your face and accuses you of misguided cultural appropriation, you can son them with the ill Wikipedia move: “Actually Dexter-Clementine, the ‘hamsa’ is a ward that has been in usage for over roughly a millennium and pre-dates the existence of most organised religion. Now make me my macchiato and apologize for wasting 3 minutes of my motherfucking time."