Not many people blatantly call out or ask for weird individuals, but Greg Selkoe is looking for the next Albert Einstein. Well, not to that severe extent, but he's looking for someone whose ideas are deemed strange in this world. The Karmaloop CEO and founder is not one to question out-of-the-box ideas as he's been able to create the biggest streetwear retail site in the world right from his parents' basement.

Selkoe is on a mission to show others how creativity falls in line with marketing, and how to use that combination for success. Selkoe will host a class called Unorthodox Marketing Strategies with popular tech startup Skillshare. He's urging innovators and creators to sign up for the class and submit their ideas for a chance to work on the winning idea with the resources provided by Karmaloop in Boston. In addition to this, if everything goes well, Greg will also give the winner an opportunity to move out of his or her parents' dreadful basement with a job offer.

Why not take a stab? Everyone has a chance of winning. The class costs a meager $15 and will consist of a extensive package of exclusive PDFs, videos, and information from Karmaloop's 200 million dollar-a-year man. 

Make sure to sign up for the class here