Freelance photographer Amelia Burns has launched a Kickstarter project to fund her winter in Los Angeles as she completes "The Homeless Photo Booth Project." Burns plans to return to Los Angeles from her home in Ithaca to create a series of portraits of the homeless individuals living on the streets.

Burns has traveled the world taking photos of people from various walks of life and she found that, though often ignored, homeless people have stories to tell. Her late father worked with the "homeless, mentally ill, drug addicted, and poverty stricken" for many years and Burns will use her portraits as a way to connect with and honor his life's work. The ultimate goal for the project is for the photographer to compile the powerful portraits into a book that shows a range of human faces of people who are largely invisible in society.

For more of Amelia Burns' work, check out her website, Facebook, and Tumblr. Watch the Kickstarter video below and consider pledging:

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