"So what's the deal with the stickers on Baseball Caps?" - Scott Schuman

Yo, sometimes I forget how out of touch The Sartorialist is. And this is coming from a guy that lives in Detroit. I don’t even get that many press releases and only around, like, six publicists ever email me directly. BUT FOR REAL FAM, HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHY DUDES KEEP STICKERS ON THEIR HATS? That shit has been on the scene since my entire life began. I legitimately have not known an existence that did not include guys keeping the tags on their gear. I’m sure there’s a bunch of socioeconomic reasons as to the psychology behind keeping the sticker on your hat, but lemme break this shit down for Schuman and everyone else who apparently lives in a fucking cave. When I was growing up there were generally three reasons why you kept the tag on your hat or your new Starter jacket:

1. To show off.

2. You stole it.

3. You saw someone else doing it and thought, “Damn, that’s kind of cool.”

I just don’t really understand some people in fashion who are continually perplexed by hip hop and black culture in general having a profound impact on menswear. If you look back at the '90s and early '00s, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that hip hop became the dominant source of popular culture. SO, IT SHOULDN’T SURPRISE YOU THAT 18-35 YEAR OLD DUDES EVERYWHERE HAVE BEEN INDELIBLY INFLUENCED BY HIP HOP. Like, we’re the first generation where it wasn’t that weird to see a black guy on television! BO JACKSON AND MICHAEL JORDAN HAD THEIR OWN CARTOONS, MY DUDES. YOU BETTER FUCKING BELIEVE I WANTED A HOOP EARRING.

I just wonder if Schuman would ask why someone would wear a sheer top or roll their trousers above their ankles? I mean, in the context of his site, it makes no real sense to ask why someone would choose to wear any number of the outfits he snaps. And, in a lot of ways, keeping the sticker on the brim of your hat is downright subtle compared to the shit seen on most street style sites. THIS IS NOT AS CONFUSING AS WEARING A NORAGI.

It just seems like asking “why?” at this point isn't really the point, you know? If we’re gonna start asking why people wear the things they wear, I’m gonna need to know why the fuck I just bought a shawl the other day. Who knows why I bought a shawl? Maybe because I saw a cool guy on the Internet wearing one. Maybe because it’s a weird form of cultural appropriation. Maybe I just like shawls now. Maybe I was cold.