I know—I know—you can’t be killed. But on the off chance your life winds down, you’ll feel more fulfilled if you have a few choice #menswear stamps in your passport.

Some of these places you’ve already been to or are already planning to visit. Others are a little more off the beaten path. Like, no-photogs-for-a-thousand-kilometers off the beaten. But that’s what makes this pilgrimage worthwhile. It’s your chance to say “fuck it” to your editor, swap your mom’s AmEx points for a flight and hightail it to one of the meccas you’ve been throwing your shawl down to pray toward for the last five years.

So, gaze now on this bucket list for people in the market for bucket hats. It’s the #menswear places to see before the Reaper puts the brick on you.

Rick Morrison is a writer living in North Carolina. Follow him on Twitter here.